The Day After The Wedding!

Actualizado: 20 de feb de 2020

All my life I have been a very traditional person, always trying to live-by the book- very influenced by Disney´s princesses, dreaming of my prince charming and a happily ever after.

I can’t complain and in my 25th birthday I meet a very special guy that two years later became my husband.

Completely focused on all the wedding planning and details. I didn´t think about how my life was going to change the day after the wedding.

Is not that I wasn´t in love or I wasn’t prepare, is about changing your live forever. Taking care of a house by yourself is one thing but have to decide, share, plan and live 24/7 with one person is another.

I don’t regret any decision or step of our path together, however I have to admit that there were rough times that only made us stronger as a couple. Imagine two young adults, alone in another country committed to each other’s and trying to figure it out their future as a family!

Not easy but completely amazing!

There are things that nobody talks, everyone always like to show their amazing and perfect lives, that sometimes can even makes doubt about what we have.

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